Vision Coverage

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Vision Coverage with GenesisLife

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Taking care of your eye health is important, and we can help you keep that more affordable. Vision coverage can help cover the costs of regular exams. And if you wear glasses or contacts, you know that it’s important to find a way to save money on those important items. Vision coverage is a must to help you save money and control the budget.

Genesis Life can get you a quote for vision coverage for your family. If you are an employer wanting to offer vision benefits to employees, please let us know in the last part of the form below, and we will get that information for you as well. Having an important benefit like vision coverage can help you attract and retain good employees.

The plans we offer are flexible. You can choose a plan that just covers eye exams, or you can choose one that just covers glasses or contacts, or you can choose a comprehensive plan that covers both.

If you need an immediate quote, you can follow this link, and enter the promotional code “GenesisLife” for the best offers.