Welcome to Genesis Life and Health!

Welcome to Genesis Life and Health! 

You will find information on many topics related to both health and life, and new beginnings.  

The Health area of the site is all about how to live a more abundant life, with a focus on natural solutions. I have been researching a variety of health information for years, in an effort to keep our family as healthy as possible with as much of a natural approach to health as we can.  I often share the information I find with friends, and decided that it would be good to share with an online community as well.  

Based on what I have looked into for family and friends, I am able to specifically share information about natural ways to manage pain, ways to help increase energy, natural solutions for diabetes, natural ways to help alleviate some areas of concern with autism, ADD, Tourette’s syndrome, and ways to boost immunity, which is now more important than ever in 2020. But as more areas of interest come up with friends and family, we will keep posting more information.   

The Life area of our site has helpful information about life insurance.  As a licensed life insurance agent, I can help you sort through options for life insurance, depending on what your needs are, and even just help you understand all the jargon so that you can find what you need.  

If you would like to follow us on social media, we have created a Facebook page for our Genesis business at https://www.facebook.com/GenesisLifeandHealth/

Sometimes I will share or post information there shortly before adding it here.